Monday, August 10, 2009

what we have been up to!

well i am such a mess, pregnancy makes me forget where i put everything! jajaja
i can not find the cord for my camera so i can post pictures! anyways, what have we been up to....

we had a family reaunion/blessing/baptizms in utah, we had so much fun, it had been a long time since we had one.
david has been doing a lot of military training , as i type he is at Fort Lewis,WA, he is very happy, he got a new car and he loves it!! FOR HIS B-DAY i tinted his windows since all he can think of is his car!
i will find out what we are expecting in a week, i think is a girl but my mom and sisters say its a boy , so we wil see on monday. Elizabeth wants a girl so bad, she said if its a boy she still naming him Lily! thats one of the 2 names we have picked if its a girl.
i got to see my friend /cousin michelle, she visited from Texas and it was nice to catch up and see her beautiful girls.
summer has been nice, not too hot, which is great because i hate the heat. this from a girl that survived a summer in Arizona.
and the big one is that david and i are finally trying to settle! we are buying a house!! yayayaya! hopefully before baby comes, it wil be crazy but at least he or she will have a room. so wish us luck.

well thats a litlle bit of the things we have done this summer, when i find the cord i will post pictures, till then love ya all.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

new moon!!

i love taylor swift!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

#4 here it comes!!

we are expecting baby #4 due in dec. 23th we are happy and exsited and so are the kids. i know david just got home, but what can i say!! i missed him !! love ya all ana

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

the many adventures of my home!

well since my last post we.....

Emma lost her left front tooth, she was playing with Lizzy and hit her head with her mouth open and well the rest is history!, she loves showing her tooth around.

Elizabeth is 1 inch taller the Emma and well she is the queen!

Logan is turning 2 next week and he is the biggest fan "spiderman" has ever had, he has the custom and well lets just say he sleeps ,eats, breaths and lives for it. the only reason he lets me take it off iss for shower time or diaper, other then that its pretty much glued to his body!

David is getting ready to leave Iraq, the whole unit is ready to come home, we are lookig at April, cant say the day , but there April is the month. He is doing great.

We just welcomed a new addition to the Winegar family, my beautiful sister in law Doorly had a baby girl, that may i say looks just like her! her name is Emma Noel Winegar , she joins big brother Joey.

And me, well i had a little scare last week, the doctor had found a lump on my brest and i had to go thru the paintful process of a mamogram , let me tell you people, the most unconfortable and painful thing i have gone thru so far, it was worth it, but painful. Thanks to the modern technology they were able to see that it was a cyst, and a clogged milk duct. They had to draine both and left my boob pretty bit, but im good. so thank you Heavenly Father for keeping me around for my kids.

Anyways, im at work and have to get back to it ,I guess!

love, Ana

We have a new President!!!

And I have high hopes for him, i do believe he can do many of the things he promise during his campaing, and i know that he will not honor some as all past presidents have done, but i do believe he can change views in people and how things are runned in this country. I know many people are disapointed on the fact that it was him and not McCain that won this election, but lets give him the oportunity to prove evryone that he can lead this country. Its a big deal just the fact that he is our first African-American president and that in itself its a big success. So today i taught my kids our new presidents last name and their answer was " when is "omama" coming to visit my house!!! my answer was not soon, but you never know!!! like i said people high hopes!!lol!

love Ana

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I HAVE BEEN BAD!! i know, i have not been here in a while!!! see my computer broke and well since then i have...............

1.- got a job over the summer with my brother in law at a repair shop, i am the BOSS!! of the office.
2.- had a great summer with the kids
3.- girls are in school and logan is at my sisters most of the day while im at work!
4.- cut my hair short, if you know who Detective Bensone is from LAW AND ORDER : SVU WELL THATS ME,
6.- i took my christmas pictures early when david came home for R&R and thats why my hair is long and face is still chubby.
7.- read all 4 twilight books in 3 1/2 days or should i say nights!! love them i could not forgive myself for not reading them earlier.
8.- we are almoust done with our deployment!!! YEAH!! we have about 3 1/2 more months.
9- david is doing good, he survived the summer and its cold now, not as cold as here~
10.- i have never been this cold in my life, i am talking 28 DEGREE WEATHER! i can freez my tuchy out here.
11.- well i got ready for the holidays and are doing good, logan is almoust 2 and loving spider man 12 - and last MY HUSBAND is the best man on earth , he got me a SMALL BUT BIG ENOUGH FOR ME, LOIU VOITON (bad spelling) HAND BAG FOR CHRISTMAS, i absolutelly love it, all my hints worked this year!! well sort a! i asked for a COUCH bag and got a better one! i guess i deserved it!